14 months: I love it when…

  • … he fake laughs to get your attention: “HA. – HA.”
  • … someone looks straight at him and he responds with a bashful ducking of the head and a wide smile
  • … he lets out an “ah! ah!”, frantically pointing for his toy lost under a couch, the washing machine or the desk
  • … he looks at us and asks “ah?”, firmly holding onto the computer cord, as if to remind us we should tell him no
  • … he makes little animal sounds – oh how I love them all
  • … all of his limbs shake in excitement and his face lights up (usually at the sound of the blender, coffee grinder or vacuum cleaner)
  • … he gives mama slobbery kisses
  • … he calls for “ma-mao” and “ba-ba-ba”, not to be confused with the “ba” (bath/bain)
  • … he initiates never-ending peek-a-boo sessions, with his bath towel or rainbow curtains
  • … he reaches for mama. I may never be able to describe this feeling.

How much love can a heart hold?

5 thoughts on “14 months: I love it when…

  1. Quand les kids étaient petits et qu’ils s’endormaient dans la voiture, je fondais à chaque fois lorsque Paul et moi les portions jusqu’à la maison, leurs têtes posées sur mos épaules, leurs mains sur nos dos … Leur abandon, leur confiance, dans cette petite main… Je ne connais pas la limite de l’amour parental – y’en a-t’il seulement une ?

    1. Oh oui, la tête endormie sur l’épaule…je l’ai oubliée dans ma liste!!!
      J’adore aussi.

  2. so cute!! You’ll melt even more when he’ll put his arms around your neck and wrap them around you !! Maylène has been doing that for about a month and i just don’t want to move 🙂
    it’s amazing when you feel their love in return !!

  3. Yes!!! Sweet pea has been touching my computer and shaking her head and saying “no?” and it’s too cute.
    And the peek a book!? The peekaboo. Would you ever have believed how much you could love such a ridiculous game!?

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