Being Challenged Through Our Differences

It is human nature to surround ourselves with the teachers, coaches, employers, church leaders and peers who will reinforce our everyday paradigms. That’s why everybody close to you is largely doing what you are doing and shares a similar faith, political affiliation, economic and social class, and value system. At some level, you’re imitating them and they are imitating you. Whenever you get around somebody who doesn’t support your beliefs, that person becomes an irritant – or at least (and likely) a threat. Your response to such people, whether consciously or unconsciously, is: “You scare me! I want you way over there. I am going to gather people around me who make me feel comfortable.” When we are successful in maintaining these comfort zones, the foundation of our society and our lives go largely unchallenged and have a lasting effect on the way we believe and behave. –  taken from Loving our Kids on Purpose by D. Silk

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