That is the number of days I would have to prepare for the Imogene Pass Race. My brother-in-law is trying to persuade me to run the September 2013 race with him. Without checking the website, I told him that “sure, I’d run it providing I am not pregnant by June” – haha! I’m always up for a challenge and finally feel the body is willing to comply. Then I saw the actual course profile. 17 miles / 27 km, or 10mi uphill and 7 downhill. Whaaaat? Is that even fun? How the heck do I train for that, living at half that altitude? The peak is 13,120 ft or 3998 meters. I have always wanted to run a mountain marathon but…can I physically handle this one? Apparently, the race is sold out within hours of them putting tickets online. It must be stunning. I would want to start training in one month from today, January 1st. My mind is churning…

Image courtesy of Backcountry TBS

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    1. Ou les deux?
      Je suis toujours en train de me demander si c’est physiquement faisable dans mon état physique actuel (sain mais pas ultra sportif).

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