8 month favs

  • Rocking out to music and noticing that my buddy is humming along to it too, but in soprano.
  • The enthusiastic shake of a small plastic bottle filled with dry beans, all in the left wrist.
  • Crawl debut with the bottom and one leg in the air. Otherwise, rolling and rolling and rolling to get the prized object is easier.
  • Nighttime teeth brushing (more like brush sucking), when the right hand rises up in fierce concentration.
  • Pulling the blanket to bring an object towards him. I think he’s lazy, papa thinks he’s efficient.
  • Babe jolting up and squawking to interrupt.
  • Top teeth poking through the gummy grin.
  • His smirk and look of guilt when I discover why the sealed Tic Tac box was such a popular toy. He had been sucking minty dribble through the box all this time. Cheeky monkey!

Though it’s not without its sacrifices, I’m so loving this journey.

2 thoughts on “8 month favs

  1. Just wanted to list 8, but I forgot this one:
    Hands in mouth to suck on two middle finders and other hand over the ear as soon as he sees his crib or sleep sack. It warms my heart every time. 🙂

  2. tia thinks efficient as well! and i love the sleepy time habit- it’s darling!! and i love the top teeth poking through the gummy smile… can’t wait to see it! wait, i love all of these…

    he is such a treasure and your sacrifice is so evident in him.

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