A labor of love.

Garden tomato, feta, cucumber, basil, lime verrines, served with Grande Provence 2009 Chardonnay (South Africa)
Homemade pasta
Beef Wellington (Gordon Ramsay’s signature dish): tenderloin wrapped in prosciutto and mushrooms, which is wrapped in puff pastry

Meal paired with Marques de la Concordia Reserva Rioja 2007

Éclairs au chocolat maison / homemade chocolate éclairs

Wow. Birthday meal #32 was a roaring success. Special thanks to chefs TM & TJ and my sweet family of sous-chefs (not forgetting the birthday lighting and decoration specialist).


3 thoughts on “A labor of love.

  1. it just all looks so delicious!!! puff pastry is pâte feuilleté right? I want to try that out ! A rotî de boeuf would work?
    Thanks for all these ideas !!! You seemed to of had a really great birthday !!

    1. Oui, c’est ça, c’est de la pâte feuilletée. Essaie avec du filet mignon plutôt si tu peux. Yes, absolutely, the birthday celebration was just magical!!

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