A new way of seeing things

Ayo’s room is undergoing a bunch of little changes. Here is the latest of them. I have had the vision for something like this since about November, but I only managed to complete the canvas last night. I had a blast doing this whilst TM watched some terrible sci-fi movie. 🙂

The planes were super-glued to the canvas and made from maps we’ve collected over the past few months. A close up:

The nursery is slowly becoming a little boy’s room…

7 thoughts on “A new way of seeing things

  1. J’aime beaucoup! I see there’s the London underground map, is there a map of le métro de Paris also? 😉

    1. Merci et bien vu! On n’a pas eu l’occasion de visiter Paris depuis l’automne malheureusement :-(. Il y a Genève, Londres, Fillinges (lol), un petit bled: Viuz en Sallaz, Thonon les Bains..

    1. Thanks, Lacey! What are you doing in Ari’s room? Are you using any of your creative ideas from his party in his room?

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