Baby jetlag

Well, as uneventful as the flight was, baby jetlag has been pretty bad for the past three nights. At 3.5 months Ayo had no issues at all adjusting eight timezones from the very first night. I guess he was just so exhausted that he slept when he was given the chance. Well, we’re humbled by our baby once again. It’s been pretty miserable to be woken up at all hours of the night. It feels like we have a newborn all over again. I can’t believe I resented getting up once a night in the past weeks. Gaaah! At some ridiculous hour of the night last night, TM thought to Google “solutions for baby jetlag” and “I want to shoot myself in the face my baby has jetlag” and decided that instead of forcing him to sleep, we’d let him play until he was tired. Putting him down didn’t work after that, resulting in the scene you see in the movies of a haggard parent nodding off as she rocks baby to sleep..only to start again after two hours. Debilitating. One of Dr. Google’s solutions was to expose baby to the sunlight as much as possible throughout the day. So, here is my sweet baby daddy driving our son to the bakery and a walk around the bakery this morning:

And on a stroll this evening:

It seems like we’re inchhhhing towards our goal at the rate of one measly hour per day. It’s hard thinking we’re flying to the UK without him tomorrow, leaving him with mamie (and papi who is flying back from the States, doing his best to escape hurricane Sandy) when he still seems to be stuck in some mid-Atlantic timezone. Gulp.

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