Copywriting fun.

Great advertising combined with playful copywriting gets my creative juices flowing. Does it yours? It brings me back to the fun side of my advertising days. When copy is done well, I am able to envision the tired creatives behind the copy, with their feet on a board-room table at some obscene hour of the night, cracking jokes while playing with language and sipping countless espressos. Copywriting is such an art. Method. does this with so much humor and simplicity that I just had to purchase the refill package to show you. Okay, not really, we were running out of soap too. But, I was so curious about the copy on the rest of their product line-up that I had to go onto their website and read a husband my soap refill instructions.

Here is what is written on their soap refill package:

this refill conserves our planet’s resources. it’s also adorably chubby.
juuuuuust about enough to refill your bottle 3x (2.8x to be exact). dirty hands, beware.
refilling is easy-peasy.
for the happiest hands around, use with method(r) gel hand wash bottle.

glasses are better half full. hand wash bottles, too. better yet, totally full. and for that, we offer this refill. because the only thing worse than dirty hands is employing jeans-wiping as an interim solution.

what else can this pouch do?**
robot pillow fight
manicure drying pillow
cat saddle

**this refill does not contain any sea creatures and we’re totally kidding about the other uses for this pouch. who would put a saddle on a cat?

I have seen creative copy on products in German and French (I’ve decided I’m not proficient enough in Mandarin and Italian to sniff out subtle stylistic and register differences), but it’s never quite as funny as in English. This makes me wonder if the English language and Anglo-saxon culture just lends itself to light-hearted humor on otherwise “very serious” products, or if I just haven’t come across good examples in other languages. If you have examples of fantastic copy in English or other languages, feel free to share in a comment below.

8 thoughts on “Copywriting fun.

  1. Have you heard of Innocent?
    a fruit drink !
    Delicious and healthy and they always put funny things on their bottles ( a story a joke) we love it !

      1. Which is kind of my point, but really cool still, to see that someone put some effort into contextualized translation. If you ever had the time, would you ever want to write down the story/joke here?

      2. what do you mean? (just saw your question^^) you’d want me to write down what they write on their bottle as a comment?

      3. I’m in the car on our way to Paris with an innocent bottle on my lap 😉 so here is one of the stories :
        Fruit in the city (they always put a title)
        La vie en ville, ca coute cher. Il faut acheter les derniers vêtements “tendance” pour pouvoir rentrer dans toutes les soirées, sans oublier les apéros en terrasse pour croiser le Fruit de la Passion parfait.
        Pas facile pour une jeune mangue. La belle Alfonsa savait que pour s’en sortir, elle devait faire des économies. Elle avait besoin de colocs sympas, d’autres jeunes fruits à la recherche du grand amour.
        Sa quête a été longue et difficile, mais Alfonsa a réussi à trouver la banane maniaque, l’orange sérieuse et le zeste de citron vert pour partager son appart de 750ml. Il ne lui manque plus qu’un beau Fruit de la Passion. La rencontrera-t-elle un jour? Versez vous donc un grand verre de smoothie pour connaître la suite de l’histoire.
        And than sometimes add funny comments in the list of ingredients or how to drink it.

  2. J’adore! En même temps, c’est une entreprise d’origine anglo-saxonne donc peut-être que ça explique un peu le registre, l’histoire etc. Mais c’est exactement ce dont je parlais. J’adore! 🙂 Merci à toi d’avoir pris le temps de recopier l’histoire!!

    1. Oué c’est sure qu’ils doivent reprendre comment c’est à la base! Mais je trouve qu’il se débrouille pas mal au niveau des histoires!
      Et puis ça fait très famille !
      Next time you come to France you have to try one!! they are sooo good you feel so healthy after! lol
      and you welcome ;-)! j’ai du le réecrire j’avais tout perdu la première fois! lol

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