Cranberry chia energy bars

This week, I got hooked on these DIY energy bars by Inspired Edibles (click through to view recipe).

Math was never my forté but check out this equation:

less sugar + more knowledge of the ingredients + control of the ingredients + cheaper than the store bought ones = the ideal bar in my opinion!

Plus, they are raw, gluten free, vegan, packed with vital nutrients (seeds and nuts are always the hardest for me to consciously consume) and all the other things you were wondering about. And they take all of 10 minutes to make.

I added 1/3 hazelnuts to 2/3 almonds to give it that more pronounced nutty flavor and opted to make mine with bonding agents I had in the house: almond butter instead of walnut butter and honey instead of maple syrup. For my second batch, I made them upside down, filling the small glass pan first with dried cranberries and then the nut mixture followed by a thin layer of melted chocolate. I did this so that when the bar was flipped over, this chocolate lover could enjoy it with a layer chocolate on the bottom. Maybe I will add pistachios to the cranberries for my third batch…or perhaps I will try another recipe?!

Do you have a favorite granola or energy bar recipe worth making?

7 thoughts on “Cranberry chia energy bars

    1. We love making granola! TM fiddles with our fav’ recipe to tweak it each time. I was thinking of making actual granola bars..maybe from his granola, maybe from the raw ingredients in granola – depending on what the recipe will call for. Yum!

  1. Boy, Esther, do these ever look good! I am looking forward to buying the ingredients and giving the recipe a try!! Thanks for sharing for all to try….xo

    1. Oh good! Let me know if you try them and if you like them!
      They sure kept us going on our most recent travel saga!

    1. they were delish! yummers. i’m going to have to try and make some. although i let papabud have a bite and i asked him what he thought and he said, “hold on, let me get the flax out of my teeth before i answer!” haha

      1. Typical response from that one. 🙂
        I need to try a baked one – they stick together better it seems. Let me know if you find one before I do…

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