Educational field trip

The kids started their school day with the “earthquake drill”, which seems funny because we aren’t living near any fault lines. Less funny, because “earthquake drill” is actually a preschool cover up word for terrorist attack drill. What times we live in, you guys.

After that, I joined my son’s Autumn nature walk. It’s the first countryside walk of four, to observe nature as it changes around the year. Ayo was pretty stoked for me to come and lucky me, it’s still cool to hold mama’s hand. Besides loving holding my first-born’s hand, being active in the class is such an excellent way as newbies to take the temperature of what’s going on in (and out) of the classroom. It’s a great way to understand student dynamics and teacher interaction. Particularly this year, when things are so new for us and we have so many questions about what is cultural vs. a normal part of being in school, we’re eager to participate as teacher’s aids every single time we’re physically able.

Our long walk today involved observing the trees, naming the trees, collecting leaves and acorns for the class “observation” bags, but also stopping to talk to a local farmer and ask him about his sheep and check what was still growing in his garden. Later on, the children sat down, backs toward the most spectacular backdrop of plunging mountains, mostly oblivious to the glory of the scene amidst the Autumn morning sunlight. Dozens of three and four year olds were given pencils to draw the fiery red tree before moving on. At the clearing, the kids learned the names of the closest mountains and village churches, before rolling down the hill back to school. Kids will be kids, in every country of the world. 🙂








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