Everyone Poops

As we were picking out some fun potty awareness books for Ayo’s friend’s birthday (pre potty training), we splurged and picked one out for Ayo as well. There are so many to choose from! In the end, we chose Everyone Poops by Japanese author ?? ?? (Gomi Tar?) because we knew we would have lots of fun reading it to Ayo. Aren’t the best children’s books the ones that we love reading to them? The thin pages of this book require us to read it to Ayo anyway for the moment. (I guess it must be popular with other families too if it has its own Tublr page. Ha!) Everyone Poops has no plot. It just focuses on what children really want to know: how animals and humans poop and what their waste looks like. We found the book hysterical and incredibly Asian in its way of story-telling, not to mention the fact that the illustrations feature the deer, the snake, the camel, the humans all with Asian eyes. Awesome.
You can read Everyone Poops virtually here.

5 thoughts on “Everyone Poops

  1. bahaha! i have heard of that book before, but have never read it… maybe next time tia comes for a visit.

    1. Definitely! Curious to see how Rosebud likes it – you know, seeing she is on the diaper inspection committee and all. 😉

  2. ha ha ha! i remember when i first found this book in the provo, utah library ages ago when i just had my two little tots alex and elena! my husband and i laughed and laughed and i read it tons with my kids! so so funny! i think we had actually found it in spanish: todos hacemos popo

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