Flirtin’ with Asia

  • An evening watching Whale Wars, an entertaining show about stopping Japanese Antartic whaling 🙂
  • Korean roasted wasabi seaweed snacks
  • A first taste of Chinese church last Sunday
  • Listening to Chinesepod. Ironically, my latest lesson was about a Colorado problem: legalizing marijuana!
  • A stir-fry for us and an intro to Daikon radishes for the little guy, enjoyed slow cooked as per below:

How do you recreate all around you the place(s) you miss?

One thought on “Flirtin’ with Asia

  1. When I miss the US: I make muffins, rice krispies treats and pancakes, look for someone to speak English with, go on the CNN website, teach my students about the culture (when I know it!) and use my Ziploc snack bags … Oui, un peu cliché le dernier. 😉

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