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A little while ago, I said that I would share some food ideas as we came across them. Well, here are five eats you would have seen around our home in the past, oh, six weeks. Most of them are quite simple to make. I’ll link to the recipes in case any of these tickle your fancy!

1. Jamie Oliver’s blackened chicken San Fran Quinoa Salad
A surprising marriage of paprika/allspice seasoned chicken with bursts of mango on a bed of spinach-mint quinoa.

2. Jamie O’s Lamb Kofte served with tomato-lemon zest-dill-feta orzo salad
This feels like the perfect summer TV dinner dish for me. We opted for this orzo salad instead of the couscous and iceberg sides in Jamie’s book.
Served on a cardboard box (oh dear) because we were evidently either too lazy or too hungry to dig out our glass coffee table from the corner, where it now lives as a result of injury-prone small children.

3. “Keep it simple” meatball nirvana with garden fresh tomato sauce (the last of our garden tomato sauces), served on a bed of toddler friendly pastas and garlic sautéed bok choy
Meatballs with a kick. Secret ingredient is definitely the Worcestershire sauce. Seriously, don’t attempt without Worcestershire sauce!

4. Spicy chicken tortilla soup
This is one of those dishes that never would have appealed to me before I met TM: tortillas floating in soup doesn’t exactly sound appetizing to me, what can I say. I am glad he fancied this, because it just hit the spot on a cold evening.
A little unsightly, my pic. You’re just going to have to trust me that this tasted delicious.

5. Gordon Ramsay’s Spinach, mushroom and ricotta cannelloni
This was a baked vegetarian dish, but is packed with protein in the dairy, portabellas and fresh greens with a hint of cayenne pepper. Such a treat. This one did take me all day to make with a small person tugging at my trousers, but I think (??) it was worth it for a special candlelight dinner!
If you wanted to make a quicker version, you could certainly purchase lasagne sheets (as fresh as possible) instead of making your own pasta. You could also use the filling base to stuff pasta shells or tubular pasta. Here is a pic of the filling, followed by the end product.

I keep wanting to try a homemade Pho but TM feels we can buy an excellent one for way cheaper here. Have you ever made Pho yourself?

So there you have it. I hope this provides you with some inspiration. We still get those horrid 5pm “what’s for dinner?” blues most every week. Bleeeeh! So, go on, share some of the delicious meal ideas you have enjoyed recently!

3 thoughts on “Food lately

  1. These look fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I spent a Saturday afternoon recently making a vegan pho recipe that was in the NY Times (having trouble sharing the link). The broth was rich and deep and it just felt nourishing with all those vegetables. I would recommend giving it a try! (Hi, btw. Next time don’t let the hubs come to NYC without you!)

  2. That’s the one! Hope you enjoy it. Looking forward to the next time we see each other again, whether in our neck of the woods or yours.

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