From China with love.

This week we have a special guest from China staying with us. Coco was one of two people we knew when we moved to Shanghai in 2008. Since moving to the States, we’ve been able to visit her several times in China and this week, she was finally able to use our home as a base. It has been so very refreshing to be around her in every possible way. Her presence awakens and rekindles my deep love for China – I really miss aspects of life there. Anyway, Coco came bearing many Chinese gifts to remind us of some fond (and hysterical) memories of life in China, and to remind Ayo of his Chinese roots:

Thanks, Coco for your generosity and most of all for the real gift of having you staying with us!


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  1. Most Chinese babies don’t wear diapers so they wear these “kai dang ku” or, open crotch trousers. Someone is always there with the baby to help and will train them quickly by whistling, as early as one month old. You can read about one mother’s experience here:
    I hear that diapers are slowly being used more but you’ll see kai dang ku all the time in China. It’s cheaper than diapers, that’s for sure! πŸ™‚

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