Growing a world-shaped heart

I just love that French word “terroir”, most often used in reference to wine. Terroir describes that dynamic process by which the whole environment: climate, geography, soil, air – gives the characteristic flavor and taste to a product. We (and our kids!) cultivate a world-shaped heart by the things we are exposed to.

What an honor to guest write today for my all-time favorite mama author and cheerleader of tired mothers everywhere: Lisa-Jo Baker. Born and raised in South Africa but currently living with her family of five in the US, the author of “Surprised by Motherhood” shares lot of the joy and heartache of the Third Culture. If you need eternal perspective on the ordinary-extraordinary job called motherhood, grab Lisa-Jo’s book, like her Facebook page, plow through her blog. You won’t be disappointed.

Read the rest of my post at her place, by clicking here.


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