Simplicity is freedom

Simplicity is freedom.
Duplicity is bondage.
Simplicity brings joy and balance.
Duplicity brings anxiety and fear.
– R. Foster

I’ve been thinking about this quote for about three weeks now. I was going to write a blog post on what it means to me but I think I prefer for it to ‘speak’ for itself. I’ll just add that I don’t usually think of simplicity and duplicity being opposites but reading Foster’s explanation, “simplicity” here in part (but not only) refers to simplicity of thought and speech. There is so much packed in these four lines. It challenges me on many levels.

4 thoughts on “Simplicity is freedom

  1. Are you regretting not continuing les cours de philo??

    Here’s a quote for you today..

    “Here duplicity passes for wit, and frankness is looked upon as folly.”
    —Madame Elizabeth-Charlotte of Bavaria, Duchess d’Orléans, Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV and of the Regency (1899)

    1. I really am. Just yesterday I was thinking how amazing it would be to resit the bac, given a bit more life-experience.

      Your quote is in the same spirit as the one I found. I like it a lot!

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