There’s no place like Asia…

except for downtown Los Angeles!

Sometimes you just need an Asian day. That’s how I felt yesterday! So, we enjoyed a Korean BBQ lunch in K-town, home to the largest settlement of Koreans outside of Korea (apparently 120.000 inhabitants):

YUM! We finished it off with Boba Milk Tea and red bean ice shaving goodness:

And just because we could, we met our friends at a Chinese dumpling place where the waiters barely speak English.

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly like Asia, but it came pretty close! haha

3 thoughts on “There’s no place like Asia…

  1. Fun! Interesting also. On the 2nd pic, it looks like there’re more veggies than meat. Quelle genre de boisson as-tu prise sur la photo 3? On dirait des fruits au-dessus… (Don’t you like my ‘bilingual’ comments? ;))

    1. I love your bilingual comments, Delph! Alors on the 2nd pic – the veggies are like toppings. You eat them with the meat. Or, in your case, you’d eat them without the meat. 😉

      Sur la 3, j’ai pris la red bean shake avec des fruits et une boule de glace dessus. le truc ultra chinois (ils pensent toujours que les haricots rouges doivent être mangés sucrés)…je n’adorais pas en Chine mais ça me rappelle bien des souvenirs à l’étranger alors, voilà!

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