This just happened…

Hi there,

We just returned home by airplane and our tube of SunnyBaby SPF 30 squeezed out into our suitcase. I am wondering how best to wash the lotion out of our garments and remove the stains it is leaving. Any ideas would be really appreciated!


Good Morning,

Thank you for taking your time to contact us. What we recommend using to remove sunscreen is a castille soap or a dish soap with a grease cutting agent. We use castille soap to clean everything we use to make our sunscreen. Make a mixture of water and soap apply to the spot and dab, this should remove the stain.

It sounds like you lost a bit of sunscreen too, I would be more than happy to send you a new tube free of charge. If you could please provide me with your mailing information.

Nikole H.
Goddess Garden Organics


Inside the next day DHL package: stainless steel water bottle, 9 product samples and a new tube of suncreen!




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