DIY for Cross-Cultural Families: 8 Lightweight Gifts

There are so many clever DIY gifts out there on the internet, but I’ve been on the lookout for DIY, lightweight (weigh less than 100 grams), and upcycled gifts you’d actually be happy to receive. Bonus points for gifts that don’t take too long to make.

I don’t know about you, but I sure hate paying exorbitant international postal fees for gifts. On several occasions, I’ve paid more than the cost of the gift in postage.

Licking my proverbial wounds, I would immediately resort to online shopping for the next gift. There really are so many great gifts you can buy online for multicultural families.

This holiday season, I really want to keep the giving simple, inexpensive and yet meaningful. Of course, send cards to family and a few friends across the ocean. Cards from the other end of the world are always special to receive.

But then, for those few people who we really want to ship a gift to, it’ll need to be lightweight and handmade.

Click over to my guest post on for a selection of our EIGHT favorite DIY gifts for cross-cultural families like ours, that won’t cost you a month’s rent in shipping costs!

Cross cultural family DIY gifts

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