It is hard to believe we got married five years ago.

Since then..
-I have changed my hair color four times.
-We made croissants three times – you’re lucky if you got to taste them!
-We’ve been on between 90 flights together to 14 countries.
-We’ve lived on three continents and visited four.
-We’ve had four addresses.
-We studied Mandarin and Tall Mountain French.
-Apparently, I searched Google over 8000 times while logged in.
-We both discovered the Thirties.
-I think we’ve flown with about 100 bottles of wine and smuggled in about 20kg / 44lbs of delicious cheese into the United States.
-We gained two sister-in-laws and two nieces.
-I had a baby!

Still, every time I think about the angle I want to take for an anniversary blog, I’m not sure what to write. I think that’s because all the most significant things that have happened in our marriage simply cannot be listed in a bullet list like the one above.

We postponed our anniversary celebration until next month when we go to a special restaurant in London (babyless!). So, yesterday, we technically weren’t going to celebrate. But Tall Mountain doesn’t know how not to celebrate. 🙂 He came home from the airport with a bouquet of flowers and fresh macarons from Frogs French Bakery in Tucson!!

Here’s what our fifth anniversary looked like…

How things have changed since 2007…in the most wonderful way.


8 thoughts on “Five.

  1. Well I guess Ayo completely and totally belongs to these five years – so he has to be part of your discussions, even on a wedding anniversary 🙂
    Congrats to you too – I do remember this day so clearly I can hardly believe it was already five years ago !

    1. Yeah, he was definitely desired for at least half of that time! 🙂

      Merci t’ai trouvé sur la photo! Vous fêtez vos combien maintenant? Puis, toujours pas d’alliance? 😉

  2. De mariage ou de vie commune ? 😉 Parce qu’au final, c’est la vie commune qui compte le plus pour nous, je crois 🙂 19 au compteur 🙂 L’alliance (la 2e, hein …) sera pour les 20 ans 🙂

  3. haha I can totally relate to y’alls conversation! We had exactly the same on our 5th anniversary ! It’s so funny how it’s the dad’s who bring up the babies :-)! I guess us mom’s try to do an effort for the dad 😉 !
    Wow Babyless? as in the whole trip or just that night? You must be looking forward to the “real” celebration!! (not stopping by Paris right 🙂 ?)

    1. We’re leaving him for two nights in Geneva. Not sure we can do longer as long as we are still breastfeeding.

      No Paris plans yet but a screening for the film could still open up. I’ll let you know if that is the case!

      1. Oh yeah that would be a little complicated, oh Mami must be looking so much forward to having him all to herself and with papi of course! ! Oh yes please do let me know I’d love to see the movie.

  4. Happy Anniversary. I’m so happy for you two!!! I totally relate to struggling to put into words how I feel on anniversaries with L. Such, such, such a blessing to be happily married and deeply in love.

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