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  1. Your photo is a beautiful but dangerous storm coming. We’ve had such bad storms here that the few days before my return from Malaga, Spain, that the purser on the Easyjet told me he was ready to quit the airline business totally. Planes coming in from Malaga were buffeted, bounce around and sick passengers all over. My Saturday flight was without incident. At our picnic yesterday, a radar worker at the Geneva airport remembers a couple of years back when an EasyJet plane landed after a god awful hail storm. The plane had holes in the body of the plane and smashed out windows. The radar man told me they are right now installing a third high tech radar at Geneva airport. They have ground radar, of course, and really watch out for planes coming in and out. Every single night, at that airport, they lift out a huge block of concrete and lower in a new one to guarantee a good level. They are surrounded by two rivers, so a plane crash or huge fuel dump could pollute on a huge level. So they have fuel drains into large tanks to absorb fuel spills. Now if only they had fewer stairs and more escalators in the airport, it would not be outdated. Too many stairs still, otherwise, one of the best airports anywhere. Three radars and nightly blocks of concrete changed nightly. Plus it has the longest runway in Europe.

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